Night of Joy Band Profile #1 Breakup Haircut

Assuming that any of us are allowed out of doors by then Joyzine will be hosting its first gig of 2020 at The Bird’s Nest in Deptford on Friday 3rd April with three Joyzine favourites: Vienna Ditto, Hot Sauce Pony and Breakup Haircut on the bill.  You can get the full details of the show + updates about any possible postponement here.  In the run-up to the gig we’ll be introducing you to the three bands on the line-up, starting with our openers – London lo-fi punks and First Timers Fest graduates Breakup Haircut.

Who are you?

Ishani: Halfling warlock, but on the taller side for a halfling. Good at picking locks but not very dextrous otherwise. Big sweet-talker, will definitely help you out on your modern-day Tinder profile.

Ripley: A bit on the scrawny side for a half orc, but who cares when you can turn into a dire wolf?! Energetically throws themselves into sparring, but also very prone to injuries due to failed dexterity saves. Befriending dogs on the train at a solid 70% rate.

Delphine: Tiefling rogue – that’s to say, cool as hell, will definitely stand up for you if someone cuts in line. Her sole weakness is cheese. In your corner, every time.

Jordan: Tabaxi barbarian, will absolutely wreck you by any means necessary. Has nine lives, so don’t even think about it.

Where are you from?

This adventure sees us coming from the gargantuan wilds of London, where we previously operated various shenanigans as individuals before realising that we could do more, better, bigger – together. So we formed a joint operation, the ultimate scam where we play music to a room and leave with more friends than ever.

What do you do?

Play loud pop music about our feelings, eat pizza, send each other pictures of dogs, get trapped in graveyards, perform exorcisms, make pals. Join the alliance!

How did you get here?

Mostly through befriending Paul, we reckon.

Why should people come to this gig/to see you?

People should come to see us because we’re a real party!

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