Where on earth do you begin when writing about Newcastle’s finest, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs? What is it about them that just makes them one of the best bands EVER? I’m not talking about right now, but I mean EVER. For me, they have that brutal loudness that I constantly crave from music. The distorted vocals, the haunting guitars, the thrilling drums, the tense atmosphere. The way they make you feel as if something is corrupting your brain; give me it. Give me all of it.

 Their new record Viscerals comes out at the start of April and with the world clearly going headfirst into Hell at the moment- they’ve pretty much nailed the best record to listen to as you socially distance yourself from everything and everyone (it’s for your own good!) They have created a beautiful monster of a record; it is tormenting and loud. I adore it and I’m putting it up there as one of my favourite records of the year, easily.

 As someone who is obsessed with bands like OM, Sleep and Noothgrush, this record by Pigs is phenomenal. I can hold it as highly and as dear as Sleep’s Dopesmoker for sure. Songs like ‘New Body’ are absolutely out of this world. The sheer rage in the vocals and determination to create something truly frightening and honest is so apparent, and I have nothing but love and respect for the band for daring to be like this, and to constantly. It is like you are witnessing, well hearing, someone unleash every ugly and intense emotion possible without a care in the world if someone hears it or not. It is a freeing record, and with ‘New Body’ hitting out the 7 minute mark and ‘Halloween Bolson’ just over 9 minutes still make you want more and more. Viscerals is their best work for sure, and this is coming from someone who still plays Feed The Rats religiously.

 Visercals is made up of songs that could soundtrack a really horrifying film or could be your own soundtrack to when you’ve settled down to read something unsettling- the uncomfortableness on this record is what makes it. Also, the fact that you have no idea what you’re going to get keeps you locked in also. I love how ‘Worlds Crust’ goes right into ‘Crazy In Blood’, and how the vocals on ‘Crazy In Blood’ sound like they were made for YOU to chant right back at the band. Matt’s vocals have never ever sounded so good. I needed something like this to give me a kick up the backside; I’ve been in self-isolation since last week and I feel awful. I’ve got no energy at all, but this record is definitely giving me what I need. If you want something to really burst those eardrums of yours or if you want something to just lose your mind to- Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs are here to serve you.

 I just need to mention the breakdown on ‘Halloween Bolson’; it’s from about 5 minutes onwards where it just changes. That hectic guitar, drum and bass sound kicks in with the vocals. My god! All you can do is play this one exceptionally loud to ensure that your body is covered in goosebumps, and you stop what you are doing to just be in awe of this incredible song. At the moment it is my favourite song on the record but let’s be honest, I’ll be playing this record constantly anyway but as far as my first few listens go- this song is my go-to right now

If you are looking for something to soothe or enhance the madness surrounding you, then I simply urge you to purchase Viscerals on the 3rd April. You can pre-order it now on their Bandcamp page.

Review by Olivia Cellamare

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