Single Review: Gary, Indiana – Pashto

Released on March 20th 2020, ‘Pashto’ is the latest record from (the brilliantly named) Gary, Indiana. Immediate drums and noisy guitar stabs mixed with electronics start this track. The almost spoken word vocals come in on top of the developing cacophony. This cacophony continues until 1.35 into the track when it suddenly takes a completely different tack and starts once again, this time with a gentle electronica metronomic beat which encompasses the continuously building and agitated vocals. The noise builds up and overtakes and swamps the increasingly desperate vocals to a dramatic and sonic crescendo. Just brilliant!

I had never heard of the band Gary, Indiana until a few hours ago, but holy shit they are now and will forever be on my radar. They encompass everything I love about chaotic and noisy bands. They have a complete disregard for traditional song structures, traditional time signatures and traditional singing. They basically flout everything ‘normal’ and that is just great with me. Send more Gary, Indiana please.

Review by Ioan Humphreys

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