Live in Lockdown #2: Exclusive Video Session from The Reverse

Over the coming weeks Joyzine is presenting a series of live sessions recorded in lockdown by bands and artists from the UK and beyond.

We’re supporting The Music Venue Trust‘s Grassroots Venue Crisis Fund which aims to save more than 550 venues currently at risk of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please consider making a donation here

Our second session comes from Nathan Loughran, frontman of North London indie four pieece The Reverse.  We caught up with the band to find out how he’s coping with life on lockdown.

For anyone that’s not heard you before, give us a quick introduction to The Reverse:

Gary Crowley called us ‘young whippersnappers’ on his radio show.  But that was before he met us.

We play noisy, songwritery indie.

The National meets Pulp? Or Mogwai buy Leonard Cohen a pasty in Greggs?

We’ve previously released three EPs and an album and are due to release our new album, Which Way Out on Blang Records on 24th April.

In fact one of our first ever reviews was from Joyzine around 12 years ago… so it’s great to be doing this now!

How has the lockdown affected the band?

Two things really: we can’t play together, which is really the main unexplainable magical point of it, and we can’t play together to other people.  It’s weird.  Especially weird because we’ve got an album coming out next week and we should be doing an album launch in front of lots of drunk, curious people (and some bored spouses).

What have you been up to during the lockdown?

Checking to see if there’s anything that doesn’t taste good with peanut butter on top.

Drinking exactly the right amount.

Judging strangers harshly.

We’re raising money for The Music Venue Trust’s crisis fund for grassroots venues – is there a venue that’s been particularly important to you?

Two venues that were important to us, but have both sadly gone, were The Bull & Gate in Kentish Town and The Buffalo Bar in Highbury & Islington.

That’s why the Music Venue Trust is so important. It is really disappointing to see grassroots venues that helped bands like us get our first gigs disappear and anything that can be done to support the ones that are still out there is so important.

Venues that hold good memories that are still around include The Dublin Castle in Camden and The Boogaloo, in Highgate (where we ran the Under the Influence night for six years).

Find out more about The Reverse:


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