Track by Track: Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier takes us through their new LP ‘Future Teenage Cave Artists’

News of a new Deerhoof album is always cause for celebration at Joyzine HQ, and Future Teenage Cave Artists, by our calculation their sixteenth studio album and the first since 2017’s Mountain Moves, does not disappoint.  Set in a dystopian future amongst memories of a lost world, the album follows a group of rebels living outside of the system to find new ways of life – The Future Teenage Cave Artists.

If that all sounds a little strange, perhaps even somewhat daunting, fear not, you’re in good hands.  Deerhoof build this broken world from fragments of sumptuous psychedelia, skewed classic rock and surrealist r&b, with sunshine bursts of hopeful guitar battling the dark shadows (and believe me those shadows are dark), an unexpected wonder hidden around every foreboding corner (and believe me those corners ar foreboding) and the message that we in the present still have the opportunity to prevent any of this from ever coming to pass.  It’s a disorienting, head-spinning place for sure, but we’ve arranged for the perfect guide to help you to navigate it – join Deerhoof drummer Greg Saunier as he takes us through the world of Future Teenage Cave Artists track by track.


“Future Teenage Cave Artists”
If you’re hiking in a park and cut your name into a tree, that’s a crime… unless 100 years have passed, in which case it’s a national treasure! Building a more beautiful future may require some disassembly of the past! Rebels are trying to save us! Find “hope” in “young” “underground” “creators,” the “future” “teenage” “cave” “artists!”

“Sympathy for the Baby Boo”
Oh no, our chance to shine has been cancelled! Daddy’s little joyride used everything up! What was advertised to him as liberation was just plain old gluttony! What was advertised to him as self-sacrifice was really just selling out to the forces of evil!

“The Loved One”
A loved one has passed away! Or can’t be reached because the power grid has collapsed! Or is irrevocably lost to Facebook and cable news! Perhaps you will remember the last conversation you had with them.

“O Ye Saddle Babes”
Imperialist anti-heroes of the past have become the fictional heroes of the present!
Everybody thinks they’ll be a cowboy in a crisis!
Useless leaders are given awards for their civility!
Genocidal maniacs get a merit badge!
Now they force the people of the future to become real-life heroes, or perish!

“New Orphan Asylum for Spirited Deerchildren”
When parents act in opposition to their childrens’ survival, we can stop calling them parents! When leaders act in opposition to their followers’ survival, we can stop calling them leaders!

The person in back getting ignored is the one to listen to! The oppressed soul is the one to sanctify! They’re the only one who knows what’s going on! They’re the one with the survival skills the rest of us utterly lack!

“Fraction Anthem”
Among the many things religion is, it is sexual! If your doctrine isn’t sexual then it isn’t even true so what’s the point! Rock and roll is my religion!

“‘Farewell’ Symphony”
The simple act of aesthetic contemplation of sound has been completely taken over by corporate middlemen! Their ideals are competition, profiteering, human disposability! It’s a good time to remember that basement shows are where the real high art is! And DIY is the true civilization!

“Reduced Guilt”
What will being alive feel like for those who escape death, when those around them do not? Will the post-apocalyptic world ever feel like a safe and fair place? Will our beliefs about our role in the apocalypse ever be realistic?

“Damaged Eyes Squinting into the Beautiful Overhot Sun”
When human civilization commits homicide/suicide before our eyes, when exactly is the right time to start the funeral! I’m melting!

“I Call on Thee”
We look back at the future civilization that was promised us in the past, and wonder why we ever believed it! We make a person from the past into a god because we feel like it and anyway they are gone!

Future Teenage Cave Artists is released today via Joyful Noise Recordings on 12″ blood vinyl, cd, cassette and digital download.  Order your copy here.

Introduction by Paul Maps
Band Photograph by Shervin Lainez


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