Single Review: Austerity – Imperialism

29th May 2020 saw the release of the brilliant new single ‘Imperialism’ by Brighton’s Anarcho punks, Austerity. I’m a massive fan of this band and reviewed their last single previously for Joyzine here.

A follow up to their debut album Anarcho Punk Dance Party which was released 1st November 2019 via Every Man His Own Football + Quiet Backwater, this single comes at such a prescient time. At the time of writing, UK Black Lives Matter protesters have just pulled down and tipped a bronze statue of slave trader Edward Colston into Bristol Harbour. Undeniably a figure of out of control British Imperialism, this single could not come at a better time.

And what a single it is. A thick, throbbing bass opens and is soon joined by spiky jagged guitars. The matter of fact, almost spoken word vocals come in and overtake everything. The bass, guitars and drums are still in there somewhere, but the insistent and angry vocals are high in the mix and are at the forefront of everything. It’s over before you know what the hell hit you. It’s 1.45 of 100mph post punk deliciousness.

Austerity are a seriously good band whom I place alongside bands like Bad Breeding and Girls In Synthesis who are leading the way in brilliant post punk anarcho chaos that is attempting to unite the country. I can’t recommend Austerity enough at the moment.

Watch the new music video featuring fan-filmed submissions here:

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