Interview: DOLLS on their new EP, Love Record Stores campaign and coronavirus separation

We’ve not heard from Joyzine favourites DOLLS in a while, so it was a lovely surprise to find news of a fresh new EP appear in our inbox last week.  Part of the Love Record Stores campaign, the new record Eggshells is due to be released on vinyl and as a digital download on 20th June.  We caught up with singer and guitarist Jade to find out more about the release and how the duo are coping with being stuck in separate countries during the Covid-19 lockdown.

It’s been a while since we last heard from DOLLS with the Pop The Bubble EP back in 2018. What have you been up to in the meantime?

Things were a bit up in the air as Bel had to go back to Spain. I decided to use that time to do mainly do songwriting and record demos. Also to think about what direction musically I wanted to take the band. In that time I found some inspirational new music that really help craft the new songs. There are lots of new DOLLS songs in the pipeline which I can’t wait for people to hear.

The new EP is being released as part of the Love Record Stores event on 20th June. Can you tell us a little about the event and how you became involved?

Our label Mondo/ Deathwaltz are part of this brilliant event and asked us if we wanted to be part of it too. We are really proud of the EP and it is a really great opportunity. It’s a really tough time for most of us right now and for the music industry in particularly but this is a way we can group together to support indie record stores who are so important and definitely something we can’t afford to lose.

Is there a particular record store that is dear to your hearts?

Rough Trade! It was always one of those places that I took people if they came and visited me and have seen some amazing live shows there. They were so supportive of Pop the Bubble and it was a dream of mine of ours to play there. 

Tell us a little about the EP – can we expect more of what we loved from your previous releases or a new direction for the band?

The songs still have a strong ‘garage rock’ sound but with Eggshells EP we weren’t so focused on trying to re create our ‘live’ sound and experimented with using more percussion, vocal harmonies and synths. We love synths so any excuse to use them we will!

Pop The Bubble came on gorgeous bubble-gum vinyl – is there something special planned for the physical release this time too?

Yes! But It is a surprise 😉

It must be a difficult time for a band split across two countries, what with Brexit on the horizon and now the Coronavirus lockdown – how have you been coping with the separation? Has it had an impact on your writing or the recording process?

It has been very difficult hence why we have been a bit quiet. We aren’t too sure about what the future holds but we have been trying to still be creative and write as much as we can. The EP was recorded before lockdown so we had no problems with that.

Interview by Paul Maps
Photograph by Keira Anee:

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  1. Love them, accidentally caught them soundchecking in Water Rats while we were having a drink before going to see a gig at the Scala and they sounded so good we bought their CD before heading off and then went to see them a while later at The George in the East End. They were great live

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