In a complicated world filled with divided views, and now gripped by COVID-19, we have never needed an AK/DK release more. That may sound grandiose but if you haven’t heard any AK/DK, and never seen them live, then it’s like having sunburn and not knowing about aloe vera. Anyone who’s read my gushing review of their Lexington gig in London from April 2019 will know what a transformative show it was for me and how it unlocked a new level of appreciation for their music. So any lockdown blues I had were whole-heartedly improved when I heard that the track Shared Particles was being released and, better yet, that it was the title track from a new album due for release in August.


If you have not heard anything by AK/DK then fasten your seatbelt as they are purveyors of electronic and rhythmic propulsion. Two drummers who also know their way round an arpeggiator and create a sound that is crammed full of motorik flare, squealing synths, and psychedelic overtones. It’s not often that AK/DK add vocals to a track but the space-themed lyrics on Shared Particles enhance the feel of a rocket ship ride through the idea that our differences are not so vast as we all come from the same ‘shared particles’(*):

In stars we formed lightyears away.

Shared Particles from what we’re made”

This put me in mind of the line from the Crosby, Stills & Nash song ‘Woodstock’ “We are stardust, we are golden. We are billion-year-old carbon” although CS&N didn’t pump their tune full of tremulous keyboard riffs and more drums than a Roman ship at ramming speed. Also, kudos to the mixing and mastering of Ed Chivers who has done a great job bringing the energy of AK/DK to the fore.

My breath is now so baited for the new album it could land a Great White but I can safely say that it’s unlikely to disappoint as this is one of the most uplifting songs I have heard in 2020. Listening to AK/DK always puts a huge smile on my face and I’m more than happy sharing particles with them.

Review by Paul F Cook

(*) In a small particle of synchronicity I recently heard the BBC World Service show Were my atoms once your atoms? which looks at whether atoms in our bodies have previously been used in someone else body. Both mind-boggling and fascinating.

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