Track Premiere: Rex – Hondje

Dutch post-punk trio Rex release their self-titled debut EP on Friday and we’re delighted to bring you a sneek peek of its contents with a first listen of latest single ‘Hondje’.

The band have their roots in a variety of musical beds – frontman and guitarist Jonathan Rex has flamenco in his blood, while drummer Nout Koij is a died in the wool punk and bassist Sara Elzinga grew up emersed in the blues – and this mix of influences comes through in the motorik grooves and dramatic flourishes of ‘Hondje’.

The story of the song is told from the persective of a dog about his bittersweet releationship with his closest companion, as Jonathan explains, “The dog’s best friend has returned to him after time apart; someone he has really missed. Although the dog is glad to see his friend, something is different. He follows his owner to the same bars and then a tragedy occurs. Together they want a change, but then he realizes it’s too late.”

The EP Rex is released on 26th June.

Article by Paul Maps

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