Album Review: Scott Free – The Last Revolution

On Scott Free’s alternative rap/punk album, The Last Revolution, every lyric sums up the frustration of the year 2020. Say no to the meat industry, say no more to climate change, no more outrageous decisions from governments.

Scott is so passionate about the planet and embracing the struggles of the people around him.  Lead single, ‘Shut ‘Em Down’, expresses his passion for the environment, taking on the meat, oil and the coal industries. Once I heard the first verse, “Solving climate change is very easy, very easy, very easy, All we have to do is, shut ’em down,” I could see him on the political campaign trail, passionate and persuasive. While listening to the tunes, at first I was listening closely to the lyrics and the instrumental, but then I found myself bobbing my head to the beat and singing along the chorus. I’m not going to lie, I am tempted just to write out the lyrics to ‘Shut ’em Down’.

Although, ‘This Is Not Our Government’ is louder and heavier it’s still catchy. The lyrics are strong and relatable; lines like “all our jobs are gone, money’s gone,” and “we can’t pay the rent; we are kicked out onto the street.”  Again, the lyrics are powerful and very straightforward. This song is the one of the most true and relatable on the album. Overall, this single is catchy and something that I’d listen to again and again and again. From my perspective the lyrics are telling me that, not even one of the parties from the government is able to help. Even if life is made of struggles. We all are the poor, the outsiders, the government are rich and inside the circle of life.

Now let’s talk about climate change! Folk-punk tune ‘The Beginning of The End’ continues the album’s themes of politics and social justice. The song makes a very strong point, raising the issues causing global warming. The song is not just looking at the present or looking back, it’s also describing the future – what will happen if we ignore these warnings.  Completely eye-opening. This alternative rap would make a great song for an enivronmental protest.  It’s quite fast but manages to keep its focus on Scott Free’s perspective on the issues that the song addresses.

After hearing the album, The Last Revolution, I am now feeling powerful and completely seeing the world around differently. The brutal truths that I would never previously have thought about are now recognisable and impossible to unsee! The songs on this record are breathtaking and I highly recommend that you check out Scott Free.

Review by Rosie Pound-Clarke

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