Album Review: The Blinders – Fantasies of a Stay at Home Psychopath

The Blinders 2020 album, Fantasies Of A Stay At Home Psychopath, is wicked, bold and uncompromising. Propulsive bass lines and unapologetic lyricism magnificently capture the frustration and anger that much of the UK feels towards the current political climate, Brexit and the planetary crisis.

Influenced by Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop and Nick Cave, the band are well-known for their audacious energy and politically strong lyrics. The alternative rock three-piece first came together back in 2014, whilst studying at Manchester University. Since then, they released their 2018 album Columbia and have toured the UK and Europe with the likes of The Charltons and Blossoms.

Their second studio album is set to be released July 17th. It speaks directly but inadvertently to the pent-up vexation that a locked-down world has further cultivated, with themes of mental health, government failure and corruption, and inequality.

The album fuses biblical allusions with pensive modern lyrics, exploring existential sadness and feelings of hopelessness created by current circumstances. The final track on the album, ‘In This Decade’, stands out against the rest. It isn’t angry, just mournful. It involves imagery of collapse and destruction, but imagery of hope too. The final lines: “for in this decade there’s no knowing if there’s going to be a tomorrow,” are dooming, whilst simultaneously inspiring.

Fantasies Of A Stay At Home Psychopath will be released on July 17th on digital download, CD and vinyl via Modern Sky.

Review by Rachel Makinson

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