Track Premiere: Uncle Luc – Lullaby for The Lonely

With the UK gradually beginning to shut down as the reality of the Coronavirus pandemic became ever more apparent, London-based singer-songwriter Uncle Luc left the capital to support his parents in their countryside home.  Whilst there he discovered his father’s collection of vintage recording equipment.  Blowing off a few decades worth of dust he was delighted to find it all in working order and set about writing and recording a new album using an old Revox 2 track tape machine, Luke’s trusty 1965 Gibson LG-0 acoustic and a 70s Fender Rhodes piano.

“The concept of the album was to trap the songs as soon as they were written, to not overthink them and not over complicate them with lots of instrument overdubs.”

“It’s easy with digital recording to re-do and endlessly tinker, eventually you can drain the life out of a song. Working on an old tape machine limits you so you have to be more decisive and definite.  The title Simple Songs For Today came before I even wrote the first song and was something of a mission statement for the type of album I wanted to make. Minimal takes, minimal instruments, simple songs.”

The resulting mini LP will be released through Luc’s own DIY imprint Super Fan 99 Records on 31st July but we have an early taste of what to expect with a premiere of ‘Lullaby for The Lonely’, a shimmering slice of acoustic indie pop guaranteed to whet your appetite.

Article by Paul Maps

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