Rising from the ashes of Queen Zee, Tokky Horror is Zee Davine, Ava Akira and Mollie Rush with Akira and Rush on vocals and Davine responsible for music and production. ‘Girlracer’ is an intoxicating, fast spinning sonic maelstrom which Zee Davine says “…is a joyous return to the fun of creating and making music after falling out of love with it. The experience of creating Tokky Horror has helped me address what my priorities are with my creativity, and how I wish and need to express myself. Sonically we had no idea what we would sound like, except we wanted it to be intense, visceral and cathartic.”

It opens with echoed vocals, a sound squelch, panned drum assaults and a synthesised roar and then we’re off. Imagine being grabbed off the street, blindfolded and placed into an unknown object. When the blindfold is removed you are strapped into a rocket car and the engines have just been ignited. BOOM! You’re flying toward the horizon pulling G-forces and screaming into the void. It’s like driving in a videogame, things come at you from all sides: squeaks, pops, trills, bass thuds and they all fly in over the hypnotic slip and slide of the vocals and the road rumble which underpins the whole track.

Tokky Horror press shot 2020 copy.jpeg

It’s a full-tilt, exhilarating debut that sparkles with chrome exhausts, flame decals and a fuel injected ethos that had my brain tingling 4 bars in. It’s like fire caught fire. I am giddy with the thought of forthcoming releases and wanted to be a fully paid up member of the Tokky Horror pit crew.

NB: 100% of the income from this release on Bandcamp will be donated to Black Minds Matter UK and Action for Trans Health UK. Donations will be made every two weeks and a record posted across our socials.

Review by Paul F Cook

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