Interview: Stash Magnetic speak with filmmaker John Clay ahead of the release of their new music video ‘My Future’

Sometimes people just click, right? Stash Magnetic are electro rock duo,  Rebecca and Nick, and although our spiritual identities may at first glance appear divergent, our working relationship for their debut music video was perhaps the most organic experience I can think of. And there have been some contenders. I was able to have a chat with the band about the song ‘My Future’ and gather their thoughts before the release of the video trailer this Friday 24th July.

Hey Rebecca and Nick, thanks for agreeing to this interview about your single, ‘My Future’. The song covers many topics. What one stands out to you the most today?


Rebecca: Live your truth-stand in your power. Sometimes I find I create my own resistance to Source, the energy streaming like a current. But my resistance ultimately leads to renewal, like a Phoenix rising.

“And so it is

In this frequency

I am, I feel, the One”

Those lyrics are describing the feeling when there is no resistance in the stream, and alignment is present.

stash magnetic (Large)

Can you define what you mean by Source, and the issues that may arise in resistance to it?

R*: By Source I mean the Great Creator, The Great I Am. The place where all energy and frequency emanates from and returns to.

Is this belief explored in other songs in the Stash Magnetic cannon?

R*: When we resist Source we are swimming upstream and cutting ourselves off from the flow. Cock blocking the Law of Attraction. The belief to live your truth and stand in your power is present in all Stash Magnetic work. It’s the driving force and underlying current.

The other aspect of ‘My Future’ deals with the indigenous people of America. Care to tell us more? Also, did the music seek to reflect that aspect in any way?

Nick: My approach to music is very similar to the natural law Rebecca speaks of. All of the electronic instruments we use are analog voltage controlled oscillators. The current pushes and pulls through circuits in the same way our human consciousness interacts within the universe. Creating music in this way allows for a reciprocal effect between the musician and the instrument.

R*: One of my Great Grandmothers was from the last of the Susquehannock Tribe in the late 1800’s. She was assimilated into a white family as a baby and we know little of her story because she knew little of her story. I channel her and she walks with me on earth. She teaches me about my connection to Source and Mother Earth. ‘My Future’ stokes the fire of ancestral connections.

So good to talk to a band with a genuine calling. Making music really is a spiritual endeavour to you. Has it always been this way?

N: Yes actually. It’s always been like a meditation; playing and improvising. Structure and arrangement of music can be a bit more earthly for me.

R*: Listening to music and making music raises my vibration. It’s always been a powerful spiritual connection for me. And a way to connect spiritually with others. Transcend this crazy earthly experience.

Stash Magnetic 2 (Large)

The video of ‘My Future’ certainly shares your transcendental ambition. Any particular aspect of that you wish to comment on you guys?

N: I’ve always felt like a person on the outside looking in. I never felt like the mainstream viewpoint represented my views very well. With the current social and political climate and all the talk of the “new normal” I feel a sense that humanity has come to a crossroads. Our video represents the normal as being a state of transcendence where the old social economic power structure (the patriarchy) has lost control and the collective have deemed it irrelevant. The video represents a transition into that state of awakening to truth and unity.

Sounds bold, and the images from the trailer are quite enticing. Were you aware of the statement you were making before, during or after the completion of the video?

N: This message has been a consistent thread through all our creative endeavours, however, weirdly, I don’t think we intentionally focused the video in that direction from the beginning. It naturally gravitated that way. You were a big part of the creative effort for the video and you definitely seemed to pick up on this statement intuitively and bring it out. The whole project seemed to have a life of its own. It was an absolute pleasure collaborating with you on it. Big up John!

… And let’s not forget Leyla Rush’s filming of the ‘eye section’. Enough of that spoiler tinged giveaway for now. Last question: If ‘My Future’ could be on the soundtrack of any movie or long running TV series, which one would it fit the most?

a) Stranger Things

b) Starman (The Movie)

c) Twin Peaks

d) A choice of your own

You can cheat by you both choosing different answers!

N: Yes, a massive shout to Leyla! We couldn’t have done it without your contribution and dedication. Thank you! Of the list provided it would be Starman all the way! Although it would be hard to replace that beautiful John Carpenter soundtrack. Jeff Bridges plays it perfectly.

R*: Leyla was a dream to work with! A dream within our dream!

Good choice on Starman. I’m sure it was on a screen during our break on set. I’m sure ‘My Future’ would sit nicely alongside the other tracks of that film score. Where can people buy the record and when’s it out?

N*: God you’re right. I totally forgot about that. Think we tested the monitor with that movie. Perfect.

R*: We’ve always struck a David Lynch vibe with our presentation and live gigs. I would say this video is very Lynch-y and Twin Peaks. You can purchase our 4 track EP on 12″ vinyl from Field Of Dreams Records now, on pre-sale! Digitally released on 4 August through Field of Dreams Records. Go to:

Nice one. I hope the video trailer this Friday fries some minds! Thanks for talking to me guys.

R* & N: Thanks John, always a pleasure to chat with you. Stay magnetic!

Interview by John Clay


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