Single Review: Shy-Talk – Chauvinism / Didn’t They Do Well

Noise super group Shy-Talk (featuring members of Blóm, Cave Suns, Hermitage, Onlooker, Waskerley Way, Young Liar) return with their double A-Side single ‘Chauvinism / Didn’t The Do Well’. This is the first of many singles the band will present over the coming months alongside bespoke and very original, new merchandise. The band have also made a video to ‘Chauvinism’ that is available here:

‘Chauvinism’ starts abruptly with stop/start bassy, guitar and drum parts interspersed with squealing guitar. A delicious and driving riff erupts and drives the track into the emerging melee. The visuals from the accompanying video are stark and at times violent images of the Poll Tax riots of the early 90s. These are mixed with crude depictions of the band which bring welcome relief to the seriousness of the message. The vocal delivery of the lyrics are immediate and at times tongue in cheek. The refrain of “all politics is chauvinism, and all chauvinism is politics” is both controversial and fucking true!

According to the band they spent roughly two minutes writing, but two hundred hours perfecting the second side to ‘Chauvinism’. ‘Didn’t They Do Well’ has a sludgy, bass heavy intro that Killdozer would be proud of. This eventually turns into a guitar and distortion drenched guitar attack with the matter of fact vocals referring to ‘unused fondue sets, a porcelain dog and his and hers bathrobes’. The pummelling bass, guitar noise, drums and vocals all combine to create the perfect storm of anger, confusion and absolute indifference to consumerism and capitalism. At least, I think that’s what it’s about.

I have to confess that I prefer the second of the two A-sides on this release from Shy-Talk, but boy do both tracks strip paint and rattle cages. The balls to the wall speed and aggression of the political elements of ‘Chauvinism’ please me immeasurably as the current situation that the UK population is dealing with daily is unsustainable and damaging to the population’s health. ‘Didn’t They Do Well’ is a great track that indulges all aspects of noise, listener discombobulation, freedom of lyrical and vocal expression. Overall it’s just a fucking brilliant racket!

I’m familiar with at least a two of the bands that this ‘super group’ is comprised of and I’m not surprised they are producing work of this quality. I’m looking forward to hearing more Shy-Talk in the future. The future is loud. The future is great! X

‘Chauvinism’ / ‘Didn’t They Do Well’ is out now on Box Records as a digital download or as what is described on their Bandcamp page as a “Magnificent Dog Wearing Sunglasses Ornament.”

Review by Ioan Humphreys:

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