Salty Scenes: Salt The Snail’s Virtual Tour of The UK’s Brightest Music Scenes Rolls into Sheffield With Blanchard

Having kicked off their virtual tour of the UK’s finest independent venues in Liverpool, Cheshire punks Salt The Snail head to the Steel City for round two – noise rock trio Blanchard are our tour guides this week.

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Stop number 2 is a nail biting trip through Snake Pass in The Barons piss yellow gremlin that The Wardrobe has to be strapped to the roof of…SHEFFIELD


delicious clam


So many of our friends have played here and we’re bloody jealous of them. This DIY venue would be perfect to bare the brunt of our inflatable stupidity. One day…one day




A band, who to be fair, who absolutely blow our 2 minute, no-fi, slob rock all the way to Wednesday…we just can’t get enough of our label mates Blanchard. They some how make noise rock catchy and moreish and play it using at least 4500 amps. Prepare to die

What is it that makes the Sheffield music scene unique?
It’s vibrant and full of life(pandemic aside). At every level there are a plethora of venues from arena/o2 academy right down to back-rooms in pubs & tiny diy spaces. The latter of which is where we’ve put on and played our gigs. And its relatively small size means city wide events like the Tramlines festival is pretty hectic with the entire city putting on a fringe party that far outweighs the official festival (which by and large is pretty mainstream these days).The city has produced plenty of household names over the years – Pulp, The Human League, Def Leppard, Joe Cocker, Arctic Monkeys – are there any bands from Sheffield’s past that perhaps haven’t had the level of attention that they deserve?
Wet Nuns spring to mind immediately. A real powerhouse of a duo with incredible riffs who, in a relatively short time, left a massive impression on the local scene.

Of course Baba Naga require a mention here: birthed from one former nun and now working with the remaining nun Rob. Stupendous doomy-psych explosion. Excited to hear where they go next.

What are some of your favourite places to play in Sheffield?
We love Hatch. It’s where we’ve played the most and where Jon promotes his Strident Nights gigs from. It’s a diy collective(formerly the Audacious Art Experiment) based out of a tiny old industrial unit in the shadow of Bramhall Lane. They serve up a true smorgasbord of underground fair from brain-bashing hardcore to twee indie-pop and dark synth wave all via a tremendous group of committed volunteers.

Every city has a group of less visible people working behind the scenes to keep local music vibrant and thriving (promoters, blogs/zines/radio, indie labels, etc.) – who are some of the heroes of the Sheffield music scene?
Personally Nick Potter from Hatch deserves many thanks for helping us on our shows.

I’m impressed at what Holy Spider (local doom/metal/etc promoters) have been doing the last few years. Show after show they bring in touring bands from all over the world. Their flagship all-dayer Doomlines would have been 6 this year and had our fav babes Part Chimp headlining!

Which current bands should we be keeping an eye out for?
Naguals are probably the hottest ticket in town. Known for frenetic performances; their lack of striding out further afield (bar a short trip to France last year)is a complete mystery to me.

Of course everybody in Sheffield’s favourite band is Dearthworms who defy any explanation.

What one or two things should any band coming to Sheffield on tour make that sure they do?
Touring bands need scran. The hot tip for eats is head down London Road and grab a shawarma wrap from one of the many “authentic” purveyors.

And if you want some cultural highlights for your eyes search out some of the terrific street art by Phlegm.

Check out Salt The Snail’s Sheffield Playlist:

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