In less enlightened times Girls In Synthesis (GiS) would have been the kind of band that starched, suburban parents sign petitions against or the Daily Mail would accuse of having hidden messages of dissent hidden in their music. But, even now, GiS can still suck the breath out of you like a sucker punch if you’re not prepared for them. They are uncompromising and so in-your-face that you can see their face in the back of your head.

I’m not going to use up all my praise on them until I review the album Now Here’s An Echo From Your Future (from which ‘They’re Not Listening’ is taken) released on 28 August. But for now, suffice to say I have been following their career since I accidentally saw them live in 2017 and have bought all their releases to date.

‘They’re Not Listening’ is as relentless as a slasher film where the anti-hero wins and GiS meld music and message with a healthy contempt for misuse of power and corruption in politics (see lyrics below). The track has a back-drop of coruscating bass (Jean-Jacques Burnel and Peter Hook squaring off on the edge of a cutthroat razor), drums that are as relentless as Steven Spielberg’s Duel and a guitar part of feedback, squeals, and biting riffs that feels like a knife-throwing act where you’re on the rotating wheel. But there’s still a place for an outstanding anthemic chorus of driving guitar and the repeated line “Never listen“.

Girls In Synthesis are brutally exciting live and this video goes some way to capturing that, so brace yourself like Houdini and beware the solar plexus punch of ‘They’re Not Listening’.

WARNING: This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. View discretion is advised

Pre-order the vinyl here (including limited edition grey)

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Review by Paul F Cook

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