Single Review: Beans On Toast – Save The Music

If you’ve somehow never come across Beans On Toast, then you’re in for a treat that’s even better than the British delicacy. Beans On Toast, who goes by the name of Jay McAllister when he’s away from the stage, is a folk singer from Essex, England. And he’s certainly talented, to say the very least. Beans On Toast has performed at Glastonbury Festival every year since 2007, and has released ten studio albums in total. His music typically revolves around themes such as love, drugs and politics. A classic combination.

With coronavirus wreaking havoc on every part of our lives, society, and culture, it’s no wonder that, with us all being locked down for weeks on end, the arts have been left like a fish out of water. The UK music industry has lost millions of pounds since the lockdown began back in March, leaving many venues and musicians (and those behind the scenes) struggling to survive.

Beans On Toast’s single ‘Save The Music’ implores its audience to help protect the industry. Beginning with heartfelt, isolated vocals, it labels “music as humanity’s greatest achievement.” McAllister’s lyrics explore the way in which music provides comfort in gruelling times, and has a real knack for bringing people together. Muted guitar acoustics play alongside the vocals, adding to the poignant mood of the song without taking anything away from its imperative message.

‘Save The Music’ is out now on digital download via Xtra Mile.  Beans finishes his series of socially distanced, Covid-secure gigs on the following dates:

28th  – THE SOCIAL 2.0 – CUMBRIA – Tickets/Details

Review by Rachel Makinson

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