Single Review: Bon Iver – AUATC

Bon Iver’s ‘AUATC (Ate Up All Their Cake) has a distinctly different sound from their other music (although an equally brilliant one). With a post-Beatles vibe, ‘AUATC’ offers a beautiful and understated critique of capitalism, cleverly recasting the 1990s civil rights anthem, ‘Shed a Little Light’, by James Taylor. The track makes the band’s anti-capitalist sentiment clear, accompanied by a statement and posts to social media. On Twitter, the band wrote:

“We’re calling attention to the fight against capitalism & our collective participation in its institutions. Bon Iver acknowledges our position w/in & use of capitalistic practices. We recognize our privilege and commit to using our platform to challenge capitalism everywhere”.

However, fans could hardly anticipate an angry, eruptive release from Bon Iver. Much in line with their other music, ‘AUATC’ is emotive, consoling and encouraging. A sort of collective warmth radiates from the song’s lyrics and overall sound, with Jenny Lewis, Elsa Jensen, Jenn Wasner and Bruce Springteen all featuring on the track.

The accompanying music video, which was directed by Aaron Anderson and Eric Timothy Carlson, is equally fresh and compelling. It involves free, bold and beautiful dance and movement by Randall Riley, throughout various New York locations.

‘AUATC’ is out now on digital download via Jagjaguwar.  The band have asked listeners to consider supporting one of the following organisations:
Minneapolis Sanctuary Movement
Red Letter Grant
Equal Justice Initiative
National Independent Venue Association

Review by Rachel Makinson

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