‘Teach Me’ Press Release

After a conversation about their musical inspirations teased out a love of 80’s Acid House it inspired the writing of ‘Teach Me’ which GU-RU describe as ‘Technicolour-Anthemic-Acid House-Prog-Funk-Space Disco’.

The song starts in classic nightclub fashion with a slow build before the beat kicks in then gives way to a piano drop and then we’re off; flute to the fore plus the warm thud of four-on-the-floor, and this is like putting your old parachute pants back on* and I found my arms starting to involuntarily rise to the heavens. ‘Teach me’ is as modern as it is familiar with a hint of hi-energy, a sprinkling of arpeggio a splash of Studio 54 (although this shut down in 1980) and the flash of a scene I briefly skimmed off like a happy stone once-upon-a long-time-ago.

‘Teach Me’ perfectly captures the exuberance of a packed nightclub teased and cajoled into maximum euphoria and it’s the type of track that a DJ knows will cause sequined pandemonium on the dancefloor. My mind’s eye was full of the light from the mirror ball flickering along with the flash of lamé jump suits and people spinning and spinning and spinning until they are as lightheaded as a champagne or chemical high. It’s a masterclass in Space Disco with Keyboard breakdown, synth-string swirls, flute trills, solid beats and drum fills, hand claps, ethereal vocals, and many decibels of fun.

It’s the first release from an EP release set for Autumn/Winter this year and features the line-up:

Lee Spreadbury – Moog Sub 37, Roland Juno 60, Behringer MS-101, Korg SV-1, Vocals, Programming

Naomi Perera – Flutes, Vocals

Malcolm D’Sa – Drums, Programming

Mark Peacock – Mastering

Produced and Mixed by Lee Spreadbury.

Review by Paul F Cook

*Full disclosure: I have never owned or worn parachute pants (and probably never will) but I never let that get in the way of hyperbole.

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