Book Review: John Marrs – The Minders

Having read The Passengers (also by John Marrs (and The Wronged Sons – although I only recently realised this was by the same author) I was looking forward to this book. John Marrs, despite writing crime thrillers earlier in his career, seems to have stepped up his writing with the step into near future crime and this is where his best writing is.

In this recent book, the government, in an attempt to safeguard the country’s most secretive information, take five people who are looking to escape their regular lives and promises to rewards them highly. So, what’s the catch? Well, they have to carry and protect this information inside their own heads.

Of course, there are unforeseen effects and it doesn’t go completely to plan. I won’t ruin the story, but I recommend you get this book. The near future possibilities and the UK setting (if you live in the UK like I do) all add to the authentic feel of the story. I mentioned the author’s previous book The Passengers, and this does feels like it’s set in the same domain. The are also mentions of some characters taking DNA tests to be matched with “the one”, which I assume is a nod to his other futuristic novel The One, which is soon to become a Netflix drama.

The characters, although mostly unlikeable felt like they were well developed and thought out. The chapters endings made it hard to put this book down, each one making me want to know what happens next – always the sign of a good read. So, I finished this easily within just a few days.

Review by Amanda Steel
Amanda presents the Reading In Bed podcast on Anchor FM

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