The Cool Greenhouse – Alexa!

An “attempt at a contemporary lovesong”, ‘Alexa!’ by The Cool Greenhouse, devotes itself to the 14% of men that have experienced erotic feelings towards their virtual assistants over lockdown: “[I love] the way you smell like polystyrene drying out on a tranquil summer evening”. However, Alexa isn’t just sexy. The track also investigates her bias for white middle class culture and her creepy invasion of domestic spaces: “And I love the way you laugh maniacally at me in the middle of the night for no reason”.

The lyricism for ‘Alexa!’ is awesome: sharp-witted and pretty hysterical. The track’s rhythm is equally brilliant and dangerously infectious. Another plus side to the track is its ground-breaking use of technology. This track is not only a niche ode to virtual assistants, but also a utilization of tech to the fullest extent. Being the most self-sufficient track on the planet, any press coverage that ‘Alexa!’ might receive are merely a bonus. The band have told the music industry: “Don’t worry, we don’t need any press for this one just stick a bunch of virtual assistants in a room and get one of them to play the track. It should be able to get to number one on its own eventually, cheers.”

Alexa!’ is now available on digital download via Melodic Records.

Review by Rachel Makinson

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