Book Review: Chris Selwyn James – Panik

The panic comes when you sleep, causing people to kill themselves. Therefore, people have to go without sleep and take sleep deprivation drug to help them stay awake. Rosa might be the key to a cure, so of course she is taken to a safehouse against her will.

The book itself had its good points. Although no descriptions were given of the characters, judging by some of the names, the author has created diverse characters, which is nice to see in a book. Although even though they make a sizable contribution to the story and plot, they’re not even mentioned in the blurb.

The book sounded good when I bought it before the pandemic. By the time I got around to reading it, I realised reading a book about a pandemic during a pandemic, might not have been the best idea. While the author tells a different story from the real-life pandemic we’re currently experiencing, the mass hysteria, profit driven drug companies and a corrupt government might seem familiar to some people, depending on their political beliefs.

Some parts of the book were inconsistent. For example, one of the characters says, “I always believed in you,” then in the next breath says, “I wasn’t sure at first, even after I saw you save that man.” Clearly this doesn’t make sense.

The other issue I had with this book was all the chunks of information. It felt unrealistic. People don’t give everything away like this in real life, and it kept stalling the story,. A better option would have been to weave this into the story, especially as it felt like not much happened for big parts of the book. Then all the information was spewed out at once.

The idea of this book sounded good, in theory. I felt that the author didn’t fully utilise the ideas he introduced in the book. It was an ok read, though not overly memorable, and had the potential to be better than it was.

Find out more about Panik and it’s author Chris Selwyn James on his official website.

Review by Amanda Steel
Amanda Steel is the author of Ghost of Me, which was a finalist in the Thriller category of The Author Elite Awards 2020. Amanda has had work broadcast on BBC Radio Manchester and The NoSleep Podcast. She also co-hosts/hosts Reading in Bed, and Reading in Bed Extracts.

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