Video Premiere: Oscar Mic – Get Yours

We first became acquainted with East London post-punk beatboxer Oscar Mic when he performed a breathtaking online set at one of the lockdown shows that we co-promoted with the ever reliable 1234 Records back in May, and having been suitably impressed we were keen to hear more. New single ‘Get Yours’, released today does not disappoint, pairing Mic’s beatboxing with a spine-tingling riff in a collision of skewed hip-hop and bright lo-fi guitar pop, along with a video created with his girlfriend, director Dovile Meilute in their home. Describing the concept of the clip, Oscar Mic said “shot from the outside, looking in, a lonely magician who is crippled and stifled by the lack of a profession. There’s no one to perform to, his assistant has gone. He tried to conjor up sex, friends, food but fails every time. In the end his true self arrives to lift his spirits. He ‘gets his’ and ‘his’ it to be himself and let go.

The track itself draws on a harrowing real life experience that led the singer to reflect on his approach to music and life. “I had a life changing close to death accident in Brazil when I was younger – slashed my arm open with a broken bottle and hit the main artery. It meant 4 years of operations and the acceptance that I would never be a really good guitarist. It made me focus on songwriting, production and singing and in some ways changed my attitude about life. My music became darker, angrier, more raw. I started to feel very different from people around me; people who were afraid to be imaginative, afraid of their potential. 

Stop waiting for things to happen. You can give and give but you need to take what’s yours. “If you can’t live among disease” – if you can’t stand banality and you can’t live with fear anymore then no more of these tight shoe laces and pleasantries. Sip some antifreeze and – get yours!

We’re delighted to bring you the first opportunity to see the video in all it’s unusual glory:

Article by Paul Maps

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