Book Review: Gregg Sapp – The Christmas Donut Revolution

Once you get past all the pages of advertisements for other books, The Christmas Donut Revolution starts with Huck getting ready for another day at work, quietly hoping for a revolution. That revolution comes in the form of a pay it forward chain at the donut shop where Hank and his friends work. As the book goes on and the end of his shift nears, his supervisor (in typical scrooge fashion) hopes the chain will break and service will resume as normal, but that doesn’t exactly go to plan.

I like the way the story is set out. Each segment shows the date and time, and focusses on one or more of the characters. In some ways, it felt like a series of flash fiction pieces which were all connected. It also made this book easy to take short breaks from and pick back up again, and to keep track of all the characters.

The characters were quite developed. If I had to pick. I would say Huck was my favourite. Adam Erb was a close second. With so many characters throughout the book, I’m not sure whether the author intended for there to be a main character. Although for me, Huck was the main protagonist, while Adam was the main antagonist. These two characters were the two most well developed in the book.

The idea of having a pay it forward chain is quite a simple one. It happens in lots of places, though probably not in the same way as in this book. So, to write a book where this is the main story line, it could quite easily have become boring. However, the author managed to create enough drama to make me want to keep reading. The characters – each with their own sub plot – helped too.

There were parts of this story where I had to suspend belief, but it’s a nice bit of escapism with a Christmas backdrop. So, if you like donuts, Christmas and mini revolutions, you’ll probably enjoy this book.

Amanda Steel is the co-host of Reading in Bed on Anchor, and the author of Ghost of Me, which was a top 10 finalist in the 2020 Author Elite Awards.

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