Islet are a three-piece from Powys and, given that Stats recently released Powys 1999, it’s possible that Powys is another Welsh crucible for producing artistic talent. ‘Geese’ featured on the album Eyelet which was released on the cusp of COVD-19 earlier this year and this version has been remixed by fellow Welsh native Gwenno who I think is one of the most fascinating artists working at the moment. Outside the fact that she crafts a sumptuous otherworld landscape for her own music (Gwennovia, anyone?) she writes and sings in both Welsh and Cornish.

The original version has a slightly harsher edge due to a bicycle-spoke drum machine beat and popped organ sound. Gwenno seems to have taken a cue from the repeated line “Be my paradise” and lifted this from a bicycle ride to a trip above the clouds in a balloon. The song floats along on gently undulating waves of ethereal vocal washes that cushion the main vocal and this reverie is only broken towards the end when we get a swarm of lightly crashing drums and cymbals which fly around the central tune. If Heaven exists, then this remix of ‘Geese’ would be a strong contender for what gets played on the escalator ride up.

Islet have recently been nominated for the Welsh Music Prize, 2020 an accolade previously won by Adwaith, Boy Azooga and Gruff Rhys and as well as this remix you can buy digital and physical copies of Islet’s album Eyelet from Bandcamp

Review by Paul F Cook

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