Single Review: Emily Breeze – Confessions of An Ageing Party Girl

I’m not new to Emily Breeze. In fact, I reviewed her debut LP for another outlet earlier this year. Breeze is an absolute amazing talent and any new output she produces is always big news. Her latest single is the disco anthem ‘Confessions of an Ageing Party Girl’ and it recently got its Lauren Laverne BBC 6 Music debut play which is just amazing for Emily.

So what is the track like? Well, it has a throbbing bass and is on the surface, very reminiscent of Blondie’s sound. Breeze’s vocal delivery is a mixture of spoken word, pulp fiction esque monologue and other worldly vocals. This is until the chorus kicks in and the massive sound that Breeze always threatens kicks in. The euphoric chorus is when Breeze’s vocal capabilities really show themselves and take a firm hold. It sends shivers down one’s spine with its emotive chord progressions that pull perfectly and cleverly at the heart strings.

I cannot hail Emily Breeze’s talent and ability to craft a pop classic enough. In terms of pop chanteuses, in my eyes she is on the same level as Alison Goldfrapp, Róisín Murphy and Kylie in her ability to either embrace a character, or throw off a skin and be herself. Every time I hear a new release from Breeze, I get moved and invigorated in a way that not many other artists do. That is because she is doing something that I‘ve never heard before, and that it’s going to have a feel of positivity that means so much at these difficult times. And for this, I applaud Emily Breeze. Just brilliant inspired stuff.

‘Confessions of An Ageing Party Girl’ is out now via Sugar Shack Records.

Review by Ioan Humphreys

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