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The twelve-track album Get Bit is inspired, humanistic and well rounded. India Coombs (aka Blue) has deftly covered all parts of the human psyche with her songwriting. From loved to lovelorn, drunk and dancing into politics and world issues. She and Jon Joseph (guitarist) have gone all out on this debut album. Creating a space in time where it feels like everything is spinning back to normal with the world. If we can just hold on tight enough for a little longer.

India plays with the innocence of complicated things. Like a fairy with a steaming wand of emotion in one hand and a beer in the other. She has managed to pull together the strings of some magical tracks.

She navigates deep issues whilst retaining a sweet, dreamy ambience within her music. Like a modern-day Mary Poppins for grownups. She sweetens each blow. Be it about a-hole men or climate change, with melodic whispers and effervescent trills. Then the drums kick in and she reveals how she really feels. Its like a veil is lifted in each song and it makes for some really great new music.

The buttery sounds in ‘Get off my J-Bone’, are like twirling through a dream. Think Alice in Wonderland meets Stranger Things. A girl called Edie, “a star … in a human body”, who was “retuned to the sky”. Beautifully composed and sung. We’ve all met an Edie in our lives, and we’ve all been an Edie too.

‘Tipsy’ and ‘Scratch’ stand out as the two short and snappy tracks on the album. Little jolts of raw emotion. They are highlighted as they slot and sit angrily between the rest of the songs. Like little gremlins of thought that someone has tried to hide away but they just keep coming back.

‘Fuqqing IPAs’ starts off slow and quiet as the lie, “I’m doing fine” rings out through the other lyrics. That feeling when we pretend that everything is ok after a huge breakup. You can almost see the metaphorical clouds of smoke in front of her as her brain fogs up from it all. She whispers that she’s fine and doesn’t mind being on her own. The music builds and becomes louder and more frantic. An epic screeching guitar solo burns through the speakers. Before the truth comes out, it can’t be held back anymore and she admits over and over, “Baby I’ve been tripping without you”. The raw emotion in ‘Fuqqing IPAs’ is relatable and honest. A real, straight from the heart piece of music.

‘Dicking Around’ is so nicely put together. Within two seconds you’ll be swaying around and smiling. It follows the same ethereal, childlike vibe as other songs on the album. It lulls you into a false sense of security. Again, “it feels fine”. Then you listen harder to the lyrics and it’s like someone is metaphorically killing themselves by extinguishing the flame of a relationship forever. When you finally just let go and stop holding onto the remnants of love that are left. It’s like anti-ASMR by the end. Like All Things Blue have actually got ahold of your head and are spinning you around. I got seasick. But right at the finish you hear something suspiciously like a door unlocking and opening just a crack. That quiet dwindle of hope. That the door is never left locked. That romance isn’t dead.

‘Lully’ – All Things Blue

The album gets more political later on, with ‘White Lady Dogs’, ‘Lully’ and the title track ‘Get Bit’. ‘Lully’ was written after India read an article about cheap land being sold off in Arizona for farming. The amount of money the farmers could make was higher than the gallons of water they would have to use to keep the plants alive. A comment on giving up morals and humanity for profit, a story so often heard these days. A very them and us mentality. Mother Earth “just like a mother she’ll take away all the pain”. This lyric could also be a nod to the name of the band itself, which comes from India’s actual mother. She would remind her in difficult times that things only remain blue for a little while, but they do always get better. An ode to hoping for the future by first being realistic about the present.

The album finishes with a harmonious and uplifting sounding tune ‘Get Bit’. A mass of realistic hope, innocent wishes and diaphanous hypnotism. It is not all over. There is still a chance to salvage the planet, change the system and shun the capitalist shroud we are living in. If we turn away from our flashing screens and work together, we can still “find a better way”.

All Things Blue are so new there isn’t even a Wikipedia page on them yet. They are a must have addition to anyone’s musical repertoire. It is so refreshing to hear something so brand spanking. That same feeling as when you peel the plastic off a new TV or see a photo of a friend’s puppy for the first time. If you think, Yeah Yeah Yeahs meet Fiona Apple you’d be only halfway there. Give them a listen.

Get Bit is released on 11th December 2020 via Terrible Records’ Flexible Disco.

Review by Jess Milner – /blupijessauthor
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