Single Review: PERMO – Ultraviolence

Released on Disobedient Records, ‘Ultraviolence’ is the brutal sophomore single from PERMO. With only two tracks released and a third on the way, the Falkirk 3-piece are part of the next wave of Scottish punk music.

‘Ultraviolence’ is a track that lives up to its title. There are no self-indulgent guitar solos or fancy vocal harmonies here; drums, bass, guitars and singer Ross Ferguson’s roaring vocals are all ‘Ultraviolence’ needs to take the listener on a three-minute rollercoaster. The track’s driving bassline combined with a crushing drum line set the tone while a huge, thrashing, guitar riff takes the energy up a notch. The track comes to a close with Ferguson screaming and wailing over instrumental chaos, summing up PERMO perfectly: chaotic, catchy and violent.

‘Ultraviolence’ is an impressive release from a young band with only one previous release under their belt. With the scene in Scotland growing by the minute, the band occupy a prime position. While bands are stuck with online promotion for now, PERMO seem more than ready to dive back in to gigs and touring as soon as restrictions allow.

Review by Danny Gillies

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