Track by Track: Weekend Recovery on new album ‘False Company’

We first became aware of Leeds-based rockers Weekend Recovery through the recommendation of the people behind the excellent CroCroLand festival, who selected the trio for both their 2019 event and for the online Balcony Festival shows that we co-hosted during the first lockdown. As recommendations go, that ranks pretty highly around here, so it’s no surprise to find that their new album False Company is a non-stop break-neck thrill ride of fuzzy rock and roll floor fillers.

Crowd funded by fans and due for release on 12th February via Bandcamp, False Company, provides a much needed blast of energy for the grey days of the winter lockdown, whilst not being short on moments of cathartic rage either. We caught up with singer/guitarist Lori for a track by track guide to the record.

‘Radiator’ was written whilst totally frustrated with what was happening at the time, mainly Brexit and how our generation will be left to deal with what maybe other generation’s choices have been.

Night Creature
‘Night Creature’ is about that relationship everyone has had at some point whether it be romantic, a working relationship or friendship where you feel like you’re being picked up and dropped when convenient by the other person.

I Can’t Let Go
Ah ‘I Can’t Let Go’, this song was a real comment on how I think people sometimes see me: when I perform I can Lori, at home I’m a loser who sits drinking flavoured tea, watching re runs of the US Office. I think people see me as someone cold and a bit hard, and that I’m super business headed, which I am, but I really I am just a loser haha!

It Doesn’t Seem Right
This is the angry song of the album, I heard a band called Youth Killed It (they’re great by the way)… situations where you look back and go yeah I left because actually this situation was terrible and it wasn’t right.

Going Nowhere
Another reflective song, but from an outside in, I had some friends that were just going through the motions, but neither were brave enough to say – hey, look this is loveless and really we’re just together because it’s comfortable/easier/don’t want to start again/it’s already been two years. I’ve found myself there before and actually the longer you’re trying to get somewhere you just find you’re stuck.

Every album needs a ballad, this was the first song written for the album, I hope this is the sort of song anyone can listens to and it means something different to them. For me, I had a situation 2 years ago that changed my life – it’s very personal, and I look back and say damn, if my future self could have warned me things would be so different, it’s not about a relationship for me, although I’m sure for some it would be, and maybe in a year or so it will be for me.

There’s A Sense
Insecurity, everyone’s most familiar worst best friend, I don’t know one person who does not suffer this at some point, it’s a more uplifting song about trying to block out those voices in your head that tells you you’re rubbish, even though sometimes the easiest days can be hard at any given point.

‘Yeah?!’ With an exclamation as well as a question, because sometimes you’re like yeah…?…! if that makes any sense! Like you’re not quite sure but also sure, and you just kinda have to go with what you’ve agreed with, even if you know deep down you’re not certain. So many times I’ve said “yeah” but not been quite sure what I’m agreeing to.

You Know Why
Everyone knows about those rose glasses right? We’ve all been there, this guy is amazing, and all you’re friends are saying no. But nothing they can do is wrong? No, just me then! But in a nutshell that’s what this song is about, all the ‘Nas’ are me trying to drown out the sound of my friends telling me to get a grip and me living in blissful ignorance.

The Cambridge definition is ‘a person who has very strong opinions about something, and tries to make other people have them too:’ This does usually relate to religion or politics etc. But I with the age of social media there is facility for a lot more people to do this with various topics.

False Company is due for release on 12th February -pre-order on CD or vinyl from Bandcamp now.

Introduction by Paul Maps

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