Single Review: Soft Jocks – Cookin’ My Own Ass

Following in the footsteps of FIDLAR and Nai Harvest, Soft Jocks have put their best foot forward with their debut EP Socking Dinners. Released on Sheffield’s Elephant Arch Records, the band’s next EP Sinking Dingers is due out in March. The video for their track ‘Cookin’ My Own Ass’ is Soft Jocks’ latest release. 

Clocking in at two and a half minutes, ‘Cookin’ My Own Ass’ is a rollercoaster of a track. It’s a song designed to be played in sweaty venues, stage divers and warm beer included. Sing-along lyrics and frantic guitars are at the heart of Soft Jocks’ sound. Their Socking Dinners EP proves that; it’s an impressive body of work for a band’s debut. ‘Cookin’ My Own Ass’ is a highlight, but make sure to check out the rest of Soft Jocks’ back catalogue. 

Translated from the French for “Go fuck yourself”, ‘Cookin’ My Own Ass’ could be written off as parody prior to listening. On the contrary, ‘Cookin’ My Own Ass’ is a masterclass in upbeat skater-indie. Soft Jocks are moving in the right direction and with their next release imminent, here’s hoping they can keep up the momentum.  

Review by Danny Gillies

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