As kitchen disco is one of the few dancefloor options for us all at the moment we don’t have many options as a backdrop for leaping on the lino: break dancing by the bread bin, salsa by the saucepans or do the mash potato by the potato masher (of course). But in the way that we used to choose going out or going out, out so it was with nightclub choices. You start the evening with some 80’s Disco, a chunk of Funk or Garage and House (apt for a home dancefloor) but later in the evening, when you are deep in your cups, you start to crave a waltz on the wild side. So, if you want to recreate the feel of a small, but exclusive, basement club then Leg Puppy have obliged by releasing A Guide to Social Remixing featuring 10 slices of dystopian dance to keep you throwing shapes until dawn.

Leg Puppy have thrown open their digital cupboards to allow a host of remixers to shine some dark into the light of their tracks. On offer are mixes by the likes of Dicepeople, Thommo, Aka and Gnoomes. There’s a woozy Cossack vibe to ‘Gravity X’, a 90’s French dub-disco menace to ‘Le Pope’, an arpeggiated afterlife in ‘Kinky Emoji (Hot Hot Hot)’, an 8-bit Acid House slant to ‘Detroit’, ‘2-2’ and ‘Paycheck (Mugs Game)’ are both steeped in icy paranoia, and there is also the joyride through a wormhole that is ‘Light Out’ plus bonus tracks ‘Bring the War’, ‘Leather 2020’ and ‘Secret Friend feat. Josefin Öhrn’.

Free desktop calendar with every purchase of A Guide to Social Remixing

So push back the kitchen furniture back and prepare your hangover-busting rescue kit (the fixings for a fried breakfast, strong tea and soluble aspirin) and get ready to see in the small hours of Saturday morning with Leg Puppy as your clown-faced guides, and if they ask you to smell their flower go with it; it probably squirts vodka or tequila.

A Guide to Social Remixing is out now as a download with a limited quantity of CDs available. Every purchase also comes with a free Leg Puppy 2021 desktop calendar.

Review by Paul F Cook

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