Single Review: Yard Act – Dark Days

Yard Act: where to start? They’re Leeds’ hottest post-punk band, their songs focus on the mundane and the bizarre, and they’re working with Bill Ryder-Jones on their latest releases. With tracks comfortably cruising past the 100,000 mark in Spotify streams, the band seem to be on to a winner. Their latest release ‘Dark Days’ follows the band’s usual, danceable, instrumental formula, but there are no complaints here: it’s what they do best. 

“Near mint condition from Selfridges mate”, says singer James Smith. Most of Yard Act’s music is written in this matter-of-fact manner, like the listener is in direct conversation with the band. Genuinely hilarious at times, ‘Dark Days’ discusses that dodgy bloke selling knock off cologne and stolen phones as well as “Police officers getting their truncheons polished off in the bushes”. It sounds like your mate telling a great story down the pub, backed by Leeds’ best post-punk soundtrack.  

As the cream of the Leeds crop, Yard Act are making waves with their first set of releases. They’re determined to make their debut album a memorable one and the quality of their back catalogue suggests that’s likely. Come the end of the year we’ll hopefully see some live shows and the chance to experience the band up close and personal. 

‘Dark Days’ is out now via Zen F.C.

Review by Danny Gillies

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