Track Premiere: The Third Cut – Sugar, Stop

We first met guitarist Richard Adderley back in the early half of the first decade of this millennium, when Joyzine was cutting its teeth on the indie blog scene and mister Adderley was carving mellifluous indie-pop shapes from his instrument as part of The Boyfriends. The band quickly became established favourites on the site, releasing a string of rather splendid singles and a self-titled album before parting ways in 2006. Fast-forward more years than either of us care to count and we’re reintroduced via new project The Third Cut, and the delightful confection of ‘Sugar, Stop’ – a delicious pick and mix of rose-tinted stop-start guitars, singing strings and blasts of sax guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

We caught up with Richard to ask about the new track and are delighted to bring you a first listen today.

“The Third Cut is based around my songs – some brand new and some plucked from a backlog of hundreds of tunes. It just seemed a shame to waste them. 

We also feature Emma Cooper, Melissa Reardon, Phil Waite and Annie Corbishley, who variously play horns, sing and hit things where needed. 

The Third Cut sound was originally going to be nothing but bass, the horn section and Soft Cell drum samples, but things have expanded a bit since then. There’s still an electronic core to a lot of our tracks, but if it needs a big clangy guitar then that’s what it’ll get. 

I hope we can get the next EP out in the next couple of months. Expect more stylistic leaps!”

Introduction by Paul Maps

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