Video Premiere: Catgod – I’m Dead

Led by siblings Robin Christensen-Marriott and Catherine Marriott, Oxford-based folk rockers Catgod release their new single ‘I’m Dead’ on 26th February and we’re delighted to bring you a first view of its accompanying video on Joyzine today.

The visuals are a perfect match for the hazy, bucolic feel of the track, placing Catherine in a field of tall grass, the wind whipping through the stalks with increasing ferocity in line with her vocal as the track builds to an intense crescendo, with her bandmates perched on a simple wooden quay, surrounded by water. Keyboard player Patrick Bolton, who also made the video, explains that he “wanted to create something with the intimacy and nostalgia of an old home movie, a glimpse into the band’s everyday lives and surroundings”.

The pastoral setting, psychedelic guitar twang and Marriott’s ethereal vocal combine to transport the viewer to a place of far away beauty with just a hint of darkness at the corners to remind us that we’re a long way from home and entirely at the mercy of nature. In these locked-down times, it’s a wonderful place to visit, and just as comforting to arrive back from into the warmth and security of your own home.

‘I’m Dead / Killer Whales’ is released on 26th February via CouldWeCould Records and is taken from the forthcoming album Born Again.

Article by Paul Maps
Photo by Patrick Bolton

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