Single Review: Sister Wives – Crags / I Fyny Af/Rise

Sister Wives – From the highest valleys and smoothest seas, they rise!

Sister Wives are a Sheffield based four-piece ‘unified as one’ in 2018. Their new single’s title (dropped on the 26th of February) is a homage to Sheffield’s local prehistoric gorge, Creswell Crags following the discovery of witch(es) marks in 2019. These were found around dark crevices and holes used for protection as well as possibly signifying a part of rituals to discourage and protect against evil spirits. 

Following their debut EP on local label Do It Thissen Records the band return this year with the new Crags AA single on 10″ vinyl, featuring two new songs – ‘Crags’ and ‘I Fyny Af / Rise’.

‘I Fyny Af/Rise’ and ‘Crags’ are said to be “about summoning the consciousness of the land in times of despair; calling upon the ancient gods that live in the rocks, woods, lakes, seas and trees, and exploring spiritual suspicions and witchcraft. We wanted to explore both sides: the fear of witches, and also defend these long-vilified women.” An intriguing feminist and spiritual concept. They draw on the quintessence of that which others would describe as the divine spirit. Their advocacy for long vilified women reminds me of ‘SOPHIA’ The female side of God which people have used as an icon of nature, life and wisdom to be inspired by and the similar way that her followers were persecuted. Their new tracks are also analogue evocations to Cymru’s sentient landscapes, with lyrics sung in both Welsh and English, from post and pre the ‘peccatum originale’

I found the virtues of their songs so interesting. Personally, it is nothing like I’ve heard before as the notions of protection and ancient ritual tie in with their work. It seems in itself primitive and harmonious, those ties bringing out the connection to nature which should be everyone’s source of inspiration. It goes back to natural philosophies where the leading doctrine is nature, almost in a religious sense. Moreover, it can also be tied to the Romantic movement, as nature was the main and sometimes the only source of attention. We cannot negate the wonderfulness of nature.

‘Crags’ is out now on 10″ etched vinyl and digital download via Delicious Clam Records.

Review by Hind El Bouaissaoui

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