Have you ever woken up sharply from sleep like electricity had been shot through you? You sit bolt upright and realise you are not just awake but 250% awake, eyes like saucers and pulse raising. That’s the feeling I got from my first listen of Public Body’s ‘Ask Me Later’. This track was originally released as a single in August 2020 but this double header with ‘Table Manners’ is a fine pairing released through the excellent French DIY label Six Tonnes De Chair and comes as a variety of lovingly made limited editions 7” singles.

‘Ask Me Later’ is a rambunctious joy ride hopped up on two jagged guitar riffs that play in the left and right speakers sometimes doubling and at other times playing scalpel off against bludgeon. Bass and drums are straight down the middle along with the infectious staccato vocal delivery that deadpans on, as they say, “whatever you do whilst procrastinating at your day job”. ‘Table Manners’ offers up a more sedate song with a crisp linen guitar riff that judders against a beautifully liquid bass line and talk-sung vocals that dispassionately lay out the comfortable mundanity of dinner etiquette with possible undercurrents of dissention in the minds of the dinner guests.

Public Body are Brighton based Seb Gilmore, Theo Verney, Joe Stevens, Thom Mills and Tom Bacon and their frenetic and wry take on modern life shares common ground with other current electrically charged bands such as The Shakamoto Investigations, Home Counties, Those Fucking Snowflakes and The Cool Greenhouse and I do like the seam of humour that runs through what could easily descend into diatribe. I would also highly recommend their lockdown cover of Kraftwerk’s ‘Pocket Calculator‘.

I would advise checking out some of the other Six Tonnes De Chair releases from the likes of Warm Drag, Sunfruits, Mt. Mountain and one of my favourites Vision 3D.

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Review by Paul F Cook

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