Sindy’s ‘Edge Girl’ might seem like a slight track, clocking in at 2’26”, but it unfolds like a gothic melodrama or a David Lynch mini-series. Moody, phased drums boom out at the start, followed by undulating guitar chords and a chunk-chunk line that’s as spiky as the vocal line is breathy and off-world. The chorus is a haunting repetition of the title and, just as you adjust to this it stops abruptly to give way to the mid-section which sounds like a ghostly music box from the afterlife. Then it’s back into the chorus and end on drums. It’s like trying to focus on something when you’re drunk, I wasn’t quite sure that I had heard the track right, but after hitting replay once, twice, six times and more, I understood that I was in the presence of a miniature work of genius, like an intricate ship in a bottle or a galaxy viewed through a microscope.

Sindy is one of the tracks that form the lockdown output of Tom Serner (from Ruby Empress) and this wonky wonder is from the forthcoming album Horror Head released in late April. If this track is anything to go by, and knowing the hit rate of excellent bands that come from the PNKSLM label, this is sure to be a gem of release.

You can pre-order the album from Sindy’s Bandcamp page or indulge in one of the few remaining luxury editions (pink vinyl + DL + t-shirt + badges) from PNKSLM’s website.

Review by Paul F Cook

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