Video Premiere: Fauxchisels – Edge Fund

Birmingham post-punk trio Fauxchisels release their new single ‘Edge Fund’ on Friday through excellent local label Die Das Der and we’re delighted to bring you a first look at the video for the track.

A dissection of the fragility and lack of humanity of the right wing nationalist mindset that whinges about “cancel culture” from the studios of the nation’s highest-rated current affairs programmes, ‘Edge Fund’ sets laser-sighted lyrical take-downs to a measured, almost mechanical post-punk churn. Speaking of the track, frontman Paul Broome says, “‘Edge Fund’ as a song came around initially as a frustration with those people who throw around the word ‘snowflake’ as an insult against anyone who exhibits empathy and sympathy for others, while at the same time being ridiculously sensitive to discussions around nationality themselves. I tried to think of something that was even more delicate than a snowflake, which is where the bubble in the briar line came from. It spiralled from there into a personal stream of consciousness reaction to the crassness of the Nationalistic white male privileged voices that seem to be growing in volume and confidence at the moment. An easy target, but one that I just can’t ignore.”

It’s taken from their forthcoming album Education or Catastrophe, which is due out at the end of the month. “The whole album is actually a kind of journey toward enlightenment for just such a shady, close-minded individual – and ‘Edge Fund’ comes quite early in the piece, so in a wider context it serves the purpose of setting some of the pieces up on the table too.”

The track is set to a heatmap-style rotoscoped video in lurid shades of pink, orange and blue. “The video is a kind of happy accident. I originally had a concept of a whole kind of tongue-in-cheek dancing down the street video – a bit like the old Verve thing but with more pazazz! But that became impossible to film because of the last lockdown. Instead, I stumbled across a five minute instruction video on YouTube about the free ebSynth rotoscoping application, and… with a mindset of acquiring as many new skills as I can during lockdown, this is the result!  I did manage to retain some of the planned dance moves though.”

Fauxchisels album Education or Catastrophe is due for release on 30th April via Die Das Der. Pre-order now on vinyl, CD or digital download via Bandcamp.

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Article by Paul Maps

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