Interview: Leg Puppy on Community, Cinema and Spam Bots

Leg Puppy released new single ‘Your Profile Is Dope’ on Friday, a two fingered salute to instagram spam bots, fake Spotify curators and the soulless aresholes who proliferate them. Following his video chat with Leg Puppy last week, John Clay went back to find out more.

You’ve referenced films in your visual promos. Is there an inherent reasoning as to why?

Music, art & film are my passions. I love the more surreal side of cinema. There’s a few films that recently blew me away. Perfect by Steven Soderbergh is one of them. Imagine Beyond the Black Rainbow meets A Brave New World. It was so good I watched it back to back. There’s a Swedish film called Black Circle about two sisters who get hypnotized by a mystical vinyl record from the 1970’s, it’s incredibly trippy and thought provoking.

I’m also particularly interested in rituals. There’s a brilliant Danish show on Netflix called Equinox, which has one of the best ritual scenes I’ve ever seen. I wanted to create something similar with zero budget in South London. As it was Easter when I did the promo I used a Donnie Darko bunny mask and a triangle to announce the new single. I was also wearing a pair of furry slippers. I did get some looks when filming it, but hey, all in the name of art.

Our backdrops when we (used to) play live shows were full of film references. Episode 8 of Twin Peaks season 3 features heavily, it’s one of my all time fav pieces of television. I’ve mentioned Beyond the Black Rainbow previously, the 1966 scene has to be my all time favourite scene from any movie ever. You can also find Under The Skin, The Lost River, Eraserhead & Enter The Void. These are all films that have moved me in one way or another.

Community is important to you and I was wondering are there any particular shows you plan to put on with groups you’ve supported/been supported by in the past?

I absolutely love playing shows with The Pink Diamond Revue. Not only are Tim & Rob really cool dudes, but their shows are brilliantly engaging, yet it’s so simple. 50’s movie backdrops, Acid Dol, no vocals and plenty of attitude. I think we’ve played together at least 12 times. In fact, we are playing together in Brighton with Blue Door Productions on Sept 5th.

I would love to support Snapped Ankles, I think our rituals would work very well together.

Intriguing. What would be the common thread between Legpuppy and Snapped Ankles?

I love their music, their whole performance art vibe, which is similar to us. It has a more organised element of the Residents. No one has ever seen their faces. They come from the trees with primal rhythms. I’m very much into a show being a show. I was lucky enough to see Heilung at the Roundhouse in 2019. The whole show was one big nordic ritual. Incredible.

Well sold. In closing, what was the logic behind releasing ‘Your Profile is Dope’ as a first single? Was there a split decision in the process?

All in honesty, not really. I just bloody love it, it’s quite dark but at the same quite humorous, after all, it’s taking the piss out of social media. Any creative person who uses Instagram will identify with the lyrics. We all get sent those annoying ‘I am a social media expert, grow your profile’ messages. So I thought why not put a spin on it? It could be a fun track to play live, everyone shouting ‘Your Profile is Dope, your profile is dope’.

One of my fav tracks of ours is ‘NDA’, I call it my masterpiece, (In my eyes), This definitely has a similar feel production wise. I’m really proud of it and hopefully a lot of bands can relate to it too.

NDA is great and you’ve been entertaining and comprehensive as ever. Thanks for giving us your time.

You profile is Dope 🔥

Leg Puppy’s new single, ‘Your Profile Is Dope’ is out now to stream or download on all the usual platforms.

Find out more about Leg Puppy on their official website.

Interview by John Clay (Rantbox TV)

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