Video Premiere: O C O S I – This Year’s Hex

Formed in London at the height of the rave scene, London duo O C O S I are back with their first new music in almost two decades. Asked why they’ve reunited, the band, made up of Paul M and Simon S, simply answered “The time was right“.

New album 373AHELL was released last month, with title coming from the “Birthplace of O C O S I, a London shared home, full of delinquents“. Today we are bringing you the first look at the video for their latest single ‘This Year’s Hex’, a perfect embodiment of the hypnotic beats and dark, down-tempo, bass-heavy atmospherics that populate the LP.

Speaking of how the process of creating their music has changed since they split in the early 2000s, Simon explained, “Back then, everything was done in one room in London on an Ensoniq ASRX sampler and now it’s done long-distance in between Ibiza ( where Paul resides ) and Newcastle Upon Tyne – where I do.”

However, Paul stressed, the principles of how the duo create their sound remain the same. “Simon and myself began bouncing sounds back and forth. Both knowing the O C O S I blueprint, the album came together quite naturally, and fast. The result was familiar, but also a move towards new sonic territories.​

So what comes next? “O C O S I will continue to mutate. A new OHM Resistance EP up soon.

373AHELL is out now via Ohm Resistance on CD and digital download – order your copy here.

Article by Paul Maps

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