No mess, no fuss, ‘Cael Chdi Nol’ by BOI starts as it means to go on, like a hand grenade with no timer: pull the pin, instant explosion. So, before you push play on the YouTube clip below make sure any breakables are safely stored, you have your seatbelt on and your tray is stored in the upright position.

This new single from the Welsh 5-piece of Osian Gwynedd (keyboards), Rhodri Siôn (vocals), Ifan Emlyn (guitar), Dafydd Owen (drums) and Heledd Mair Watkins (bass) is a booming neo-glam romper stomper of a track. Big guitars, bigger bass and the biggest drums and singer Rhodri holding his own riding this storm like a sonic surfer. If you are hungover today and coffee isn’t cutting it as a curative, then put ‘Cael Chdi Nol’ on loud and have BOI vibrate the alcohol out of your system. This bodes very well for their forthcoming album, out in June, and I can’t wait to get my ears around that, assuming they have stopped ringing from this track by then.

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Review by Paul F Cook

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