Album Review: Angrusori – Live at Tou

Norway’s Kitchen Orchestra collaborate with Slovak Roma musicians to create a live recording of improvised music drawing on traditional Roma folk tunes.

This album is a beautiful combination of how  language can narrate feeling, passion, daily anguish in such a captivating way that you can’t stop yourself feeling every note sung. The way that every single instrument is carefully used to construct the very daring and unique sounds gives you the permission to be transported to somewhere not many albums have taken you to. It’s so refreshing to hear an album with such varied sounds throughout – track 9, ‘Te Me gel ‘om  andre  karčma’,  is truly beautiful and the rest of the album is fresh, insightful and incredibly thought provoking – it’s a must.

‘Live at Tou’ is out now on Hudson Records.

Find out more: Angrusori / The Kitchen Orchestra

Review by Jen Thomas

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