EP Review: The Skinner Brothers – Iconic

The Skinner Brothers expedite their thriving popularity with their new EP Iconic, released on 7th May via Blaggers Records. This unruly and insurgent band was formed in 2018.

Iconic is a symbol of the reality of many artists and young people riveted by the idea of independence and carpe diem, given life melodically by the consuming emotion of the solo guitar, like a song from Fight Club or the mere memory of the early 2000s. Ironically, their EP Iconic is a much reflected style from their influences: The Doors, Ian Dury and Oasis.

The EP was recorded entirely by Zac Skinner in his home studio in Brentford and then mixed by the Grammy-nominated James Krausse in Los Angeles.

What is interesting is the relevance and transition of the genre, modernised and relatable for many of us. It is also the reality of London life and artistry which most of the time is not glamorous but a process of self-reflection in the least expected of times. This is better contemplated in Zac’s own words “‘Iconic’ sums up the last eight years for me. It paints a picture of the monotony of London life, paired up with the aggression and desperation to make-it. I wrote it in the bedroom in my flat where I record and write everything.” 

The second and third track of the EP are perhaps the ones that calls out to me the most. ‘More’ and ‘Low’ are the apotheosis of the ‘life is too short, Que Sera Sera, C’est La Vie, No Day but Today, Seize the day, Carpe Diem, When In Rome, Now or Never’ and so on. We all feel it and we are all attracted to the idea but in the midst of the songs there is true essence along the reality of it. But more than that it is the beat, encapsulating the London band into something more universal. An example is the reference “hands together like 3 13” in ‘More’ – ironically it is the duration of time the track goes on for, showing, how even trying to break out there is still a structure to be followed and restrictions that are unavoidable. ‘Low’ was supported by Steve Lamacq, receiving repeat plays on 6 Music, where they were subsequently named as a Spotlight Artist, while further airplay included Jim Gellatly at Amazing Radio and Mickey Bradley (of The Undertones) at Radio Ulster.

This is a great selection of tracks for a back in time experience while relating to the  present and future. There is no doubt that we learn from history and The Skinner Brothers do a great job by keeping it relevant and original. 

Iconic is out now on all of the usual streaming platforms – click here to listen.

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Review by Hind El Bouaissaoui

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