Egg Drop Soup’s new single ‘Or Durves’ is a two-minute Molotov sneer that opens with drums and the line “I got fired today because of my bad attitude, but my boss is a bitch and I’m just not in the mood”. The rock solid drums allow the gritty fuzz of the bass and guitar to keep throwing out bruising bar chords to punctuate the vocals.

Egg Drop Soup (a time-of-the-month euphemism I wasn’t previously familiar with) are Sam Westervelt on bass and lead vocals, Olivia Saperstein on guitar and background vocals, and Bailey Chapman on drums. The song idea came when Sam was searching for a new job and the opening line popped into her head. Sam also fleshed out the song into a DIY video of sock puppet sorcery (see below) by creating sets, learning greenscreen and even managing to re-purpose a bra’s underwire which became headphones in one scene.

Photo by Neto Velasco

From the song’s opening menace to its second half, which comes off like an angry surf song dialled up to 11, Egg Drop Soup pack a quart’s worth of raw power into a pint pot. The ‘Fuck You! in Frocks’ attitude emanating from this song (and the band’s image) is visceral. Music can liberate us from so many things: mundanity, drudgery, ennui, and it’s part of what makes bands like Egg Drop Soup, Deap Vally and Cherry Pickles so compelling. Play what you want, say what you want, wear what you want. Attitude not platitudes.

The track is also coming out as a split 7” with LA rockers Broken Baby.

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Review by Paul F Cook

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