daysormay, which is a phonetic pronunciation of the French word “désormais” and means “from now on”, have released their new single ‘Ego’. It’s a superb kaleidoscope of sounds that swirl around throughout the song: a hop-skip and a crunch, a tinkle of high percussion and a marching beat of clicks, pauses and jump starts abound and a brave but beguiling muffled vocal mid-section opens out into an increasingly manic crescendo ending.

The video was filmed with a small crew and band members Aidan Andrews (vocals) and twin brothers Carson and Nolan Bassett dressed in identical opaque boiler suits with blue striped t-shirts underneath. The band mix up 3D footage with shots set in sparse concrete landscapes and a hint of Beastie Boys when they are attacking a speaker with bats near a second hand car lot.

In the wrong hands this song could have been super-produced into a slick vehicle for Beyoncé or Harry Styles but thankfully, in the hands of daysormay, it has retained enough rough edges to stay on the darker side of pop. There are generous slices of low dubstep bass and dirty synths, some exquisite high bass lines and drums that know when to stay on the beat and when to pull out flashy stickwork and the treated vocals that push in from time-to-time act like an antonym to the sweet lilt of Aidan’s main vocal line. I can’t wait to hear an album.

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Review by Paul F Cook

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