SYBS new single ‘Llygaid’ (Eyes) starts with gently wonky guitar, full of shimmering promise, before unfolding into an undulating verse which mixes guitars into the left and right channels and this allows singer and guitarist Osian to plough a furrow right through the middle. The verse has a great talk/sing quality to it and then the vocals get to soar in the pyroclastic chorus. There’s a mellifluous Beatley descending middle-8 which gets torched by a rush of fuzzed guitars and drums and bass which earn their keep, working hard to underpin all that distorted goodness.

‘Llygaid’ was written in Osian’s first year at university and had been a change of pace from the rest of his writing which was energetic and dancey. He says “it felt good to do a song that was more inward looking, and the lyrics definitely reflect this and generally encapsulate those last few weeks of my first year in uni”.  ‘Llygaid’ is warped and wonderful with a fuzzy logic that had me hooked and you don’t need a geometry set to appreciate the angle of their jangle.

SYBS’ label Libertino are on fire at the moment with cracking recent releases from Bandicoot and Adwaith plus a roster of some of the best Welsh bands around at the moment.  

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‘Llygaid’ lyrics (English):

Our roots are meeting. Like mushrooms in the dirt

And I can’t wait half a year to see your face again

From a cell in my mind you’re breaking me free

And I start to see your eyes looking into me

But it’s so hard to see beyond the truth

So hold on to the muse. Don’t let go of your ego yet

Between the smoke and secrets, nothing fazes us

While the dark pools of your eyes count the cracks on your screen

At the end of the day we’re lost between the comfy bedsheets

Pure experiences we’re sure to forget

But it’s so hard to see beyond the truth

So hold on to the muse. Don’t let go of your ego yet

Cause it’s so hard to see beyond the truth

So hold on to whatever’s nearest

Before turning back into the wind

Much too late

I see you’re smile in the distance

Nights so inevitable. To see the sun in the morning I’m tripping up, you pick me up…

Review by Paul F Cook

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