Based in Chicago, Bnny are a four piece featuring twins Jess and Alexa Viscius and Tim Makowski, Matt Pelkey, and Adam Schubert. They have their debut album coming out in August but today sees the release of the video for ‘Ambulance.

‘Ambulance’ has a somnambulist melancholy to it with time stretched by languid chords, a simple, complimentary bassline and Jess V’s half sung, half breathed vocals which put me in mind of Julee Cruise singing in the Roadhouse in Twin Peaks. The video too, filmed by Alexa V in and around Chicago, had a Lynchian quality, with Jess cutting a solitary figure on stage bathed in a single spotlight set against a fractured collage of ‘home movie’ images; snatches of a life out of sequence – car rides in the daytime and at night, a gold heart grasped in a hand, walking in the rain, laughter and self-reflection. Jess says about Ambulance: “it’s about wishful thinking. It’s about guilt and forgiveness. It’s about reconciling with your past. It’s about saying goodbye.

The song has an innate strength that I feel leans towards optimism. It’s an engrossing two-minute lullaby from the subconscious which, like the reverb that permeates it, lingers long after the song ends.

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Review by Paul F Cook

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