Manchester’s crush have just released the vide for their new single ‘Chewed’ and it’s shot by Josh Stanton in a rehearsal studio with superimposed cine-leader film and some ghostly slow motion effects. crush formed in 2018 whilst studying at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute and say about the song “the lyrics are about coming to the realisation that some relationships in your life are bound to expire, but inevitably you find the right people for you”.

‘Chewed’ has all the good things you would expect from dream pop (I’ve never been a big fan of the term ‘shoegaze’ as it suggests a lack of eye contact, and therefore a lack of connection, by a band, which is far from the truth). There’s the feeling that that it’s been recorded in a grain silo and then fired into space to pick up cosmic shimmer, and returned to Earth to be dipped into a vat of reverb. It’s a sumptuous cloud-ride that has Amber Warren’s spectral vocals woven through the guitar sparkles and empathetic bass and drums. There is also a fantastic rising crescendo near the end, like travelling through a turbulent wormhole that we eventually emerge from, back into warm duvet embrace of the main song.

crush were kind enough to give us some insight into how the track came about:

A band’s-eye view of the track:

The track is an example of us refining our sound as a band. Because of the lockdown, we had a lot of time to listen to music and gain new influences, so we were able to really dissect our sound and figure out what we wanted to sound like! It’s mainly about relationships and friendships ending and realising that you have grown out of them.

How ‘Chewed’ came about:

Arthur brought the chords to a band practice, and we started to play around with them! At first the middle 8 had a ridiculous synth line which we thankfully scrapped!

During the recording Fotis recorded his drums on no sleep after a 12-hour shift, he then slept for the rest of the day. During the video shoot we went for tacos and bao buns at wolf at the door after. It was so nice to be able to go to a bar and socialise!  We hadn’t seen Josh (our video guy) in so long and it was so lovely to see him. There’s some really funny outtakes of us when we’re trying to be all moody which we will probably upload at some point.

Check crush’s socials for upcoming gig details: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

Review by Paul F Cook

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