Single Review: Atomic Bronco – Cruel

We live in a world that is rapidly evolving and moving forward. This pushes us into perpetual research of new standards and ways of doing and being, so sometimes we forget the great art pieces of the past and the deep emotions that they used to produce in our hearts. It’s easy to get trapped and start drifting away on this wave of mainstream music and new, unusual sounds, but there are still some artists, like Atomic Bronco, who are eager to bring back the glory of the past.

Atomic Bronco is a modern indie/alt-rock one-man band from London. A creation of producer and songwriter Kyle Nuss, this project came to life on May 1st, 2020, with the release of debut album Nightflowers. “I wrote, performed, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered every song on this record,” says the author, and the musical consistency that brings to this collection is clearly audible.

After almost a year, a very long year, Atomic Bronco comes out with his new, punchy and bold single, ‘Cruel’, a strong and encouraging piece that transmits energy and confidence.

Starting from the title, ‘Cruel’, the whole composition is a perfect blend of powerful, but yet easy-to-understand lyrics and accurately balanced music elements, displayed in unique, innovative, but still somehow familiar, even nostalgic style.

In this release, Atomic Bronco manages to combine the decisive and revolutionary spirit of the past with the lightness and carelessness of today, so as a result we get motivated by fearless punch-lines delivered through tonic, stimulating sound.

Of course, it’s impossible not to mention the quality of the official video that perfectly follows and lays out the storytelling of the song thanks to exciting and thrilling photography, and a compelling plot.

‘Cruel’ is definitely the right track to pump you up and start your day with a strong note, but especially while coming back home, after a long and stressful week at work, this song is an ideal tune to re-energise, give confidence and get you ready for an exhilarating, inspiring and carefree weekend!

‘Cruel’ is available now as a digital download via Bandcamp

Find out more on Atomic Bronco’s official website

Review by Maksym Chernysh

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